Being A Filipino Book Blogger: ThirdWorldBookNerd One Year Later

August 21, 2018Krisha

Here’s a confession: I’ve been wanting to start a book blog since 2014.

But I was young and I wanted to see the world. I seriously feared that if I commit to a book blog, I’d be stuck indoors with my books (which was very likely). I still read whenever I could, but I spent more time in buses and airports, taking photographs and saving memories.

But something changed last year.

The joyrides became fewer and farther in between, but the books still remained. While plane tickets brought me to places I’ve never been before, my books were always there to take me to different worlds altogether.  And that was when I realized I had to take the leap.

Thus, on July 31st, 2017, our book blog was born!

Did I specifically and deliberately time my blog’s birthday to match Harry James Potter’s? Of course!

I expected to have a lot of fun making this book blog. What I didn’t expect was the community it would build in a year’s time. Currently, the book blog’s already made thousands of new friends on its social media channels. I got to do a talk and writing workshop last year. We’re throwing giveaways and working with fellow creatives! And we now get invited to events, too, which is always fun.

I guess the best part of all this is bringing people who love books and reading together. More than our growing numbers, I’m really happy that we get to build a community of bookworms!

Being a nerd isn’t easy in where I’m from. Reading for fun is almost considered as a luxury. We can’t always afford the books we want or go to events or buy art. But we can express our love for literature in simple ways: by coming together and sharing stories and maybe touch a couple of lives every now and then.

I’m happy that I’ve somehow built a small community of die-hard bookworms. It always warms my heart, remembering that a few years ago I was very hesitant to start this book blog in the first place.

I hope that in the coming years, thirdworldbooknerd will continue to grow and make more friends. Here’s to all the nerds coming together for the love of the written word!



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