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How To Order Brand New Books Without Stressing Over Shipping Fees

November 2, 2018Krisha

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Here’s the thing about being a book lover: you can never have enough books. There’s just something so satisfying about having a book— especially a physical one— within your reach, ready to be read and loved.

Here’s one the thing that prevents us from having the books we want (besides cash, or the lack thereof ): sometimes, they’re simply not available at our local bookstores. This is especially true if:

a. you like rare titles and special editions

b. you like rare authors

c. you like rare titles and special editions by rare authors

d. you want to get your hands on a new release and it’s nowhere to be found locally

e. all of the aforementioned

The worst part?

Most online stores that sell these books place super high shipping fees that make our wallets weep even harder.

Thankfully, there’s a nifty solution to all this. A couple of years ago, I discovered Book Depository and my life has been forever changed.

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Book Depository is an online bookstore based in the UK that offers FREE shipping worldwide.

Free shipping.


Let that sink in.

And they’ve virtually got all the titles you could possibly want, so it’s a total win. I’ve been ordering my books from Book Depository since I’ve discovered them and they haven’t failed me since. Here are a few more things I like about Book Depository:

I Don’t Have To Stress Over Shipping Fees

Shipping fees are the bane of my existence. Sometimes, they can be more expensive than the package itself! I’ve tried ordering from other international online stores and calculating for the shipping fees (plus possible taxes) just stresses me out so much that I end up abandoning my cart. There are also cases where they don’t ship to the Philippines at all, which is a bummer. I don’t want to have to go through hoops just to get a book! With Book Depository, all I really have to do is pick the books I like and pay at check out. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Some Titles Are Cheaper

This largely depends on the book you’re getting, but from my experience, you can get really good discounts at Book Depository vs local prices. There were times when I’d get a book for around P100 cheaper. Again, this depends on the title and timing, so don’t be afraid to browse.

They Accept A Lot of Payment Options

Book Depository accepts all major online payment channels like debit/credit cards and Paypal. I use my debit card to pay for my bookish exploits. Unionbank’s EON card is specially made for online transactions, so go get one if you don’t have it already. It makes buying (and saving) really convenient.

They’ve Great Customer Service

One time, a book I ordered took extra long to arrive. I was afraid that it got lost in the mail, so I got in touch with Book Depository’s customer support and they sent me another copy of the book— no questions asked. They’re really nice people.

But Just A Heads Up…

While all this is well and good, it’s important for me to point out that the books you order from Book Depository may take a bit of time to arrive. If you live in the Philippines, it can take about 3-4 weeks, so be patient! This is because they don’t use a private courier. This means:

a. the books can take longer to arrive

b. the books come through your local post office

c. the package won’t have a tracking number

Now, I know that we all have trust issues about our local postal service and this is a huge pain point for all online purchases in general. To that I say: befriend your local post people. I usually give them a call on the 4th week (if the books haven’t arrived) to ask about my package and they look out for it. The books are usually shipped in those box envelope thingies (max of two books per parcel), so I haven’t had to pay for taxes or dues since ever.

That being said,  I’ve always had my books delivered in good condition despite our postal service’s bad reputation.

Over To You!

So, if you want books but can’t find them in any of our local bookstores, check out Book Depository. They’ve got lots of titles, awesome customer service and most of all, free shipping worldwide! Here’s a link to the site for your convenience:


Happy shopping!

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