“Ew, BTS” | Who Is BTS And What The Hell Is K-Pop Doing In Your Book Blog?!

December 4, 2018Krisha

Are you a huge fan of underdog stories? I am! Here, let me tell you about a few of my faves:

Harry Potter vs Lord Voldemort (and all the crap poor Harry had to wade through from books one to seven)

Katniss Everdeen vs The Capitol

Lazlo Strange vs the alchemy prodigy, Thyon Nero

The hugely underrated Kestrel (from the Winner’s Kiss trilogy) vs the seemingly infallible Emperor

I could go on and on, but you get the gist:

The more odds stacked against the protagonist, the more I find myself rooting for them.

I guess this is also the reason why I’m completely whipped for Korean boyband BTS (방탄소년단).

Okay, I know you’re here for books, but hear me out.

People might know them as pop sensations slowly taking over any and all type of media all over the world, but to me, they’re first and foremost underdogs.

Let me explain:

These guys didn’t come from a big entertainment company. They were near-obscure compared to other musical groups in Korea. All seven of them left their hometowns and came to Seoul to chase a dream without any guarantee of success.

You know what was guaranteed?


Like any proper underdog story, these guys had to eat hardships for breakfast, lunch, and dinner before they got to where they are today.

There were times when Min Yoongi, one of their members, had so little cash on hand that he had to choose between a bus ride and a hot meal.

Kim Taehyung’s mother had to ship him a nice red winter jacket so that the city boys wouldn’t look down on him.

In one of their earlier videos, you can see BTS living in a tiny dorm, chopping veggies on the floor because they had so little space and doing chores.

It might be hard to reconcile these images from the guys you see making speeches at the UN, selling out stadiums, and topping music charts, but that’s who BTS is. They’re underdogs and like all the underdogs I’ve mentioned earlier, I’m rooting for them in any way I can.

So, in true nerd fashion, I’ve made a couple of videos about the books I’d recommend to these guys! (Yeah, after that long intro, this is where we’re headed, hunties. :D)

If you love books but still don’t have an idea who BTS is, this is the perfect way to get to know these dorks and if you like BTS but don’t like books, this could be a great way to get you into reading.

Part one is all about book recs for Jin, Suga, and Jimin and you can check that out here:





For part 2, we’ve got book recommendations for V, RM, J-hope, and Jungkook:





I had tons of fun making both videos because they’ve got two things that I really love: books and a good underdog story. I hope you enjoy watching these vids and if you do, don’t forget to like and maybe subscribe to my booktube channel for more awesome bookish content.

How about you? What’s your favorite underdog story? Do you also have book recs for your favorite musicians or bands? Don’t hesitate to drop your answers in the comments below!

Til the next post, nerds!


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