8 (Super Late) New Year’s Resolutions For The Struggling Book Nerd

March 3, 2019Krisha

New Year’s Resolutions sound only great when you’re making them at the start of the New Year. Posting about them 3 months later is just kind of sad.

Still, it’s still early in 2019 and let’s face it, a lot of us treat the first two months as trial periods anyways, right?

Here are a few of my bookish resolutions for 2019, and I hope you can apply some of them in your daily life as a book nerd as well:

This year, I will stop chasing after trends

No more running after the latest release for this old lady. The past year was full of hit-or-miss reads because I kept following certain trends. You must read this book, it’s so popular! You must read this book, everyone’s talking about it on social media. Yeah, I think I’ll pass.

While one can’t deny that there are lots of gems in the New Releases section, you also have to admit that sometimes it’s okay to take it slow. As far as reading goes, it’s completely alright to look back instead of forward. You don’t have to hanker for the trendiest trend or the latest book out there just because everyone else is reading it.

This year, I’m gonna take it slow. I’ll still be open for reviews of upcoming books, of course, but my normal reading diet will be free from the hype.

The world is wide and full of literary treasures that were published a year or a decade or a century ago, and those are what I’m going to strive for this 2019.

I shall endeavor to read my favorite’s favorites

earthsea by ursula k le guinn

That being said, I shall endeavor to read my favorite’s favorites instead. Austin Kleon mentions this a lot in his book Steal Like An Artist. The gist is that if you want to be as good as your favorites, read the books they read. Listen to the songs that inspired them. Learn about the authors that they loved.

Lots of my favorite fantasy authors love Ursula K LeGuinn and I just happen to have snagged a copy of her Earthsea collection, so guess what I’ll be reading in the next few months?

I shall appreciate the art of reading slowly

Reading ain’t no contest, girl. It’s okay to read slow. It’s okay to sneak in a few pages while waiting in line at the grocery store or whilst at the bank. It’s okay to read a couple of chapters at a time between a couple of days.

I’m usually the kind of reader who could and would finish a book in one sitting. I could read for hours! But alas, adulting is slowly taking away that luxury, and I’m fine with that. I’m just happy I can still have afternoons to myself devoted to reading, even if I’m not going at a fever pitch pace.

I will not indulge in impulse buying or purchasing books just because I’m bored

2018 left me with a windfall of books. Between Big Bad Wolf Books and National Bookstore’s BBB, I now have more books than I can possibly read in a year.

That being said, I’m gonna cut back on impulse buying or boredom buying, because I still have so many unread books at home.

You and I know the feeling of being in a bookstore and buying books just because they’re interesting or because you just feel like it, right? That’s what we’re leaving behind in 2018. It’s a lofty dream and I know my TBR pile is going to mock me, but I’ll try my best nonetheless.

I’ll take care of my eyes

Yes, please!

As a content writer, I’m in front of my computer screen all day. As a book blogger, I’m in front of my phone almost all the time as well. I’ll be good to my eyes this year, and I hope you will, too!

Read more books about self-improvement

linchpin by seth godinLife’s a constant learning process and it’s a good thing that we have books to help us learn about the things we’re interested in.

That’s why aside from my favorite fiction books, I’ll try to sneak in a couple of non-fiction and self-improvement books along the way. I already started with The Lazy Investor’s Way last year and I hope to read Linchpin by this year, too. And hey, maybe this would be the year that I finally finish On Writing by Stephen King, eh?

I’ll write more!

As if I’m not writing enough as it is, right?!

Last January, I started posting writing prompts on social with the hashtag #WritingPromptWednesdays. It is my dearest hope that it will help me and fellow writers to come up with more creative stuff. Yas kween.

I will write more book reviews

Last but not least! I know it didn’t show but I actually read about 37 books last year. That’s because I hardly post my full-length reviews here on the blog. Shame really, our space looks swanky. So yes, we’ll work on that to.

Over To You, Nerds

Well, those are my resolutions for this year. I will do my best to meet them. What about you? Do you have any resolutions or intentions for 2019? Let me know by dropping a comment below!

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