Welcome to TWBN!

Third World Book Nerd is a book blog specially dedicated to all the nerds living in, well, the “third world”. This blog is for all the bookworms who save their payday cash or allowance just to buy that book they’ve been eyeing for forever at National Bookstore. This is for all the bibliophiles who grit their teeth against sky-high shipping fees! It’s for the nerds who camp out late outside the malls just to see their favorite author. It’s for us who lament not being able to afford those really cool subscription boxes with cute, silly things or not being able to go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter without selling a kidney.

Boy, life, where we’re from, is a challenge. Sometimes, people don’t understand how we spend so much on books when we can buy more important stuff with our money, like clothes. But like our bro Stephen King said,

Books are a uniquely portable magic

And we’d much rather choose magic over clothes, any day (besides we can always buy clothes from the thrift shops).

We hope to fill this book blog with helpful reviews, tips, book boyfriends we can fangirl over, and hopefully, giveaways! We’re going to fill this space with books and books and even more books. All the good stuff.

So I hope you’ll have fun going over our stuff as much as we had fun creating them. Have fun! Let’s be friends! 🙂